Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is not a requirement. Although the tradition of the Mauritanian scholars is to memorize the mutūn (manuscripts), it is not required for students at the Online Mahdara. If one can memorize the manuscripts, then it is better.

We will provide books in PDF for most courses, in shā’ Allāh. The books contain the matn (manuscript) in Arabic only. They will usually be available before the respective course starts. Click here to download the available books.

Upon completion of a course, the student can request an exam. If the student passes an exam, they will be awarded a certificate for the respective book/course.
Yes, it’s possible to get ijāzah in each book/course.
Ijāzāt (plural of ijāzah) naturally have higher requirements than certificates. The scholars have not stipulated specific requirements as they may vary according to the course. It is not a requirement to memorize the entire matn to get an ijāzah, however it would be a great advantage. Upon requesting an ijāzah, the student will be examined by a scholar from Nabbaghiyya. If the student does not meet the requirements, they will get advice on which areas to improve, before they can get an ijāzah.
This depends on the student’s level. The scholars may or may not give ijāzah to teach the book(s).
To make it easier for students, we have decided to give the exams upon individual request. Whenever you have finished a course, you will be able to request an exam through a link.
No, taking the exams is not obligatory. However, if you want certificates, ijāzāt etc. or advance to higher levels next year, it is necessary for us to evaluate you through these exams.
The course videos are in Arabic, as the Scholars don’t speak English. There will be English subtitles on all videos alongside with English notes. The communication between the student and the Mahdara is also in English. The team translates questions and answers etc. between the scholars and students.
Yes, you can study at your own pace. You can take the courses when you have time, take the quizzes etc. online and request an exam when you’re ready.

We are a non-profit organization. The tuition fees cover all our expenses in relation to teaching online: translations, production of courses, professional cameramen, editing, equipment, software, web development, administration, web hosting, video hosting, internet in Mauritania etc. Without the tuition fees and your support, the Mahdara would simply cease to exist! We made an attempt last year at the Arabic Mahdara to enroll all students for free, and we became unable to pay for simple things such as electricity in Nabbaghiyya.

No, the scholars refuse to take salaries for teaching. Refer to “What do the tuition fees cover?” for more information.

Enrolling at the Mahdara is similar to enrolling at a University. The tuition is for an entire year but can be split to make it easier for the student. It is thus not possible to cancel the payments before the tuition has been paid in full. Please contact us as soon as possible if you become unable to fulfill the split payments or if you wish to pay the remainder of the tuition.

Tracking the student’s progress, taking exams, achieving certificates, participating in live lessons, etc. all require students to have their own account. For these reasons, among some legal reasons, it is therefore not allowed to share your account. If one is not able to pay full tuition, we recommend that you contact us at [email protected] and we will do our best to help, in shā’ Allāh.

Yes, the scholars are currently working on new courses for more advanced students. For students who understand and speak Arabic, we also recommend looking at the Arabic Mahdara ( for advanced courses.

Yes, everyone is welcome to travel to Mauritania and sit with the scholars to study. To arrange, please send us 1. Your preliminary dates of travel 2. The duration of your stay and 3. Your WhatsApp number and name. We will then direct you to someone who can help you with the practicals. It is possible to rent an apartment for less than $100 USD per month in Nabbaghiyya. Students can expect a cost of around $500 USD per month per person including other expenses but excluding plane tickets etc. It’s free to study at the Mahdara in Nabbaghiyya.

You will have full access to all courses during your enrollment. If you want continued access to current and future lessons, you must renew your enrollment prior to expiration.
You are welcome to contact us and we will do our best to help.
We don’t wish to prevent anyone from learning; hence there are no formal requirements for enrolling online. One should however be able to understand and communicate in English (intermediate level). If your goal is to learn Arabic, it is a prerequisite that you can read Arabic (without understanding it). If you’re not looking to learn Arabic at the moment, you will be able to take all the other courses, even if you don’t read Arabic.

Most of the courses on the English Mahdara are for beginner students. You, therefore, don’t need any prior teaching to enroll at the English Mahdara. We recommend advanced students to enroll at the Arabic Mahdara (

Yes. The student chooses which courses to take. We recommend taking one course at a time. We have made a student handbook for new students to guide them in which order to take the courses.

Yes. The English Mahdara is specifically for students who don’t speak Arabic or prefer to have English subtitles to support their learning. The courses in ‘aqidah, sirah, fiqh, etc. do not require that the student can read or understand Arabic.

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