Qur'ān Recitation & Memorization

As many students have requested Qur’ān lessons, we are happy to announce that we are able to begin soon, in shā’ Allāh. The connectivity in Nabbaghiyyah has been upgraded to 4G and it is becoming easier to conduct live lessons, alḥamdulillāh. Due to the nature of Qur’ān recitation and memorization lessons, there are 2 options: lessons in a class where students take turns or 1-on-1 lessons.

Qur'ān lessons in Class

€4 euros / hour (Approx. $4 USD)

To enroll in a Qur’an recitation class, please fill out the form latest December 9th 2021. We aim to assign 5 students to each class and to begin the first lessons in week 50 (December 13th-19th 2021), in shā’ Allāh. If you would like to memorize (hifz), please select the option during enrollment.

Once a week / 4 monthly lessons: €16 euros
Twice a week / 8 monthly lessons: €32 euros etc.

1-on-1 Qur'ān lessons

€14 euros / hour (Approx. $15 USD)

Enroll before December 9th 2021. We will contact you shortly after, in shā’ Allāh. If you would like to memorize (hifz), this can be arranged with the teacher subsequently, in shā’ Allāh. If a translator is required the additional fee is €14 euros / hour.

Once a week / 4 monthly lessons without a translator: €56 euros etc.

Countdown until the enrollments close

The countdown has ended. The lesson is either live now or has ended. You can read more about the timings etc. by clicking here.

Q: If I can’t afford the lessons, is there any financial aid available? Answer: Unfortunately, we are not able to provide financial aid for these lessons, as the fees just cover our costs. Financial aid is however available for our other courses.